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(Please note I am not the Daily Mail journalist of the same name.)

Barbara Davies lives in the English Cotswolds. She is a freelance writer and for more years than she cares to remember also reviewed Fantasy books for Starburst magazine (before it went bust and was relaunched under new management). See her page at Bedazzled Ink here. And her Amazon Author page here: UK US

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Mar 21

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone. :) I've started submitting short stories to magazines again. Wish me luck.


Jul 20

Xena 25 jpeg

Remember last year I said I would be contributing to a massive book being produced by Ausxip Publishing: 'XENA: THEIR COURAGE CHANGED OUR WORLD'? Well the exciting news is it's due out on September 4th! The link to preorder the kindle version is already available on Amazon, and preorder links to the print versions (paperback and deluxe) will be appearing very soon. More details about the book can be found here.

Jun 20

Due to the old Demon subdomain I used being retired, the URL of this website has changed. It's no longer simply a redirect to but actually is So if you have previously linked to this website, you may need to update your link. I'm also going to have to change the email address I've had since 1998! When that's up and running, I'll update this website with the new one.

Jan 20

Happy New Year to everyone. :) Still nothing to report on the writing front, I'm afraid. Here's hoping that will begin to change in 2020.


Oct 19

Heather Rose Jones has reviewed 'Frederica and the Viscountess' for The Lesbian Review! You can read it here.

May 19

Xena 25 jpeg

In 2020, AUSXIP Publishing will be publishing a MASSIVE book 'XENA: THEIR COURAGE CHANGED OUR WORLD - How Xena: Warrior Princess Changed Lives and Inspired Generations' and I've accepted their invitation to contribute to it. The provisional list of contents can be found here.

Jan 19

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. :) I've nothing to report on the writing front, I'm afraid. I've been going through a dry spell, but I'm hoping that will change in 2019.


Sep 18

Cover of Making Monsters

'Making Monsters', which includes my short story 'The Giulia Effect', is now available to purchase in both print and ebook format. You can find 'where to buy' links here.

Aug 18

Cover of Making Monsters

The countdown to the publication of 'Making Monsters' on 1st September is now under way. I participated in a round robin interview along with other contributors, and it is now available to read here.

May 18

Cover of Making Monsters has now revealed the cover and contents of 'Making Monsters'. The anthology will be published later this year.

Apr. 18

My short story 'The Giulia Effect' has been accepted for publication in 'Making Monsters', an anthology from Publishing and the Institute of Classical Studies. More details soon.

Jan. 18

Box of Dee's Gentlemen

A box of my author's copies of 'Dee's Gentlemen and Other Stories' just arrived from my publisher. Yay!


Nov. 17

Dee's Gentlemen cover

My new short story collection 'Dees Gentlemen and Other Stories' is now available as an ebook from Amazon and should be making its way onto other sites too. The print version should be coming in a few days. :)

Oct. 17

The latest podcast by Heather Rose Jones (author of the Alpennia novels) has taken highwaywomen as its topic. She makes some very nice remarks about 'Rebeccah and the Highwayman'. You can read the podcast transcript here. Just scroll down to the relevant section. :)

Sep. 17

Issue #28 of Neo-Opsis is now available to purchase, and I've received my contributor copy. :)

Aug. 17

Cover of Neo-Opsis #28

Yay! Issue #28 of Neo-Opsis is on its way to the publishers, apparently. And my name is first on the cover. Yes, I know it's probably just because they're in alphabetical order, but still.... :)

May. 17

Dee's Gentlemen cover

Ooh! According to my publisher's website, my new collection of fantasy short story reprints will be coming out in August this year. Yay. :)

Feb. 17

I've signed a contract with Bedazzled Ink to publish a collection of fantasy short story reprints. It will be called 'Dee's Gentlemen and Other Stories'. :)

Jan. 17

Yay! 2017 has got off to a great start. Neo-opsis SF Magazine has accepted my short story, 'Time Beasts', for publication. :)


Dec. 16

My publisher Bedazzled Ink's end of year ebook sale includes all my books. :)

Jul. 16

My fantasy short story 'Wind Rider' is now up in the July issue of The Lorelei Signal.

May. 16

Yay! The Lorelei Signal has accepted my fantasy short story 'Wind Rider' for publication in its July 2016 issue. :)

Jan. 16

Happy New Year, everyone. Having finally finished my Restoration novel (you can find 'The King's Favour' on my Xena fanfic page), I'm back to writing and submitting short stories. 2015 ended with a flurry of rejection slips, but hey ho, onwards and upwards - I'm hoping 2016 will bring more success. :)


Jul. 15

Yes, I'm still here, but there's been nothing to report except rejection slips. I'm revising a historical novel and it's taking me bloomin' ages. :)


Dec. 14

Myth & Magic cover

My year has ended with a nice surprise! My fantasy story 'The Princess and the Frog' is in the just published BSB anthology: Myth & Magic: Queer Fairy Tales :)

Sep. 14

Yes, I'm still here. :) But there's nothing to report except rejection slips.

May 14

Far Orbit cover

Received my contributor copy of 'Far Orbit' this morning. Yay. It's now available in both ebook and print paperback format. Details here. :)

Apr. 14

The release date of the 'Far Orbit' anthology is imminent. It will be published on 29th April. However, Tangent have already reviewed it here. :)

Feb. 14

Far Orbit cover

World Weaver Press have now released the cover for the upcoming 'Far Orbit' anthology, plus a press release. Ooh! I've never shared a Table of Contents with Gregory Benford before! :)

Jan. 14

My fantasy short story 'The Dragonbird' is now up in the Jan-Apr 2014 double issue of The Lorelei Signal.